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90% of our records have been bought out of our cities; so we have a lot of experience in remote buying and we use methods in order to get the maximum safe and security for both.

Contact email: compras@elbuscadordediscos.es.

Who we are

We are a collectors group and our goal is to complete the collections with those records which combine in our shelves. Our favourite music is the pop, rock, punk and heavy of 70s, 80s and 90s on vinyl format.

Moreover, we have many records of movida madrileña (bands as Tos, Mermelada, Nacha Pop, Paraíso, Alaska y los Pegamoides, Los Modelos, Los Bólidos, ...), spanish punk (for example, Interterror, Último Resorte, Espasmódicos, TNT, La Banda Trapera del Río, ...), basque rock (Kortatu, Zarama, Hertzainak, MCD, Vómito, Baldin Bada, Negu Gorriak, ...), progressive rock (Itoiz, Errobi, Haizea, Izukaitz, Itziar, Lisker, ...) and international rock varied.

In the other hand, we are also interested in original cassette demos beloging to the aforementioned musical genre.

If you are interested in selling your vinyl records, you can contact us via email (compras@elbuscadordediscos.es).


You can contact us as you prefer; via email, facebook or filling the form below. We will reply you up to 72 hours.